Take The Lead! 10 Ways To Set Your New Colleagues Up For Success

Your company just hired some new talent. Here are ten ways to help them settle in – even if you’re not in a leadership position. 1. Introduce yourself: When you meet the new employee, introduce yourself and offer to help them get oriented. Explain your job and what you can do to help them feel comfortable inContinue reading “Take The Lead! 10 Ways To Set Your New Colleagues Up For Success”

7 Ways Healthcare Professionals Can Navigate COVID-19 Stress and Trauma

When the rest of us are asleep or celebrating holidays with our loved ones, healthcare professionals across the country are leaving their families to go and care for ours.

But when you add the dynamics and challenges of a global pandemic like the coronavirus to your career, which is already stressful, learning how to cope now needs to be significantly more comprehensive.

What’s It Worth: The Cost of Burnout & Moral Stress in Healthcare

Dr. Thompson defines “moral stress” when healthcare professionals care for “terminally ill or traumatically injured patients or in situations where lack of facilities, time, supplies, expertise, or other resources constrain their ability to provide needed care.”