Let Your LinkedIN Profile Work For You While You Work In Your Career

doctors and nurses in a hospital
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It’s been a phenomenal week.

Yesterday, I had the great honor of helping new #Nurse graduates by teaching them about how to optimize their #LinkedIN profile.

My mission is to coach the #healthcare professionals and teams who care for all of us. Additionally, I believe that if you optimize your LinkedIN profile (and also keep your resume optimized) then as you are working, your optimized LinkedIN profile with continue to work for you and illustrate your skills and accomplishments.

There’s nothing I love more than helping others develop their potential. Having the opportunity to help others accomplish this so they can keep their mind on their work, while actively or passively maintaining the ability to continue to network with others and build their careers is nothing short of phenomenal.

Contact me if I can help you too; and follow or connect with me on LinkedIN (click the link).

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S.A. Leys is a consultant and coach with 25 years of expertise in coaching the healthcare professionals and teams who care for all of us. I also coach individuals who work in fast-paced, high-stress careers which requiring compassion, analytical and critical thinking strategies who are interested in achieving their fullest potential in their lives, relationships, and careers. Let me know if I can help you too. Contact me at www.SusanLeys.com

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